A man and a woman never achieve complete comfort with each other if they haven’t been intimate until the man has penetrated the woman in sexual intercourse.There’s always at least a slight awareness of one’s own curiosity,and of the other individual’s likely curiosity too.

Reason why women get committed or tend to feel attracted to a person that they have had sex with,is due to a hormone called “OXYTOCIN”.

Base on my research,oxytocin play a vital role in social bonding,sexual reproduction in both sexes (male & female).Oxytocin is released in our bodies when we orgasm and also during childbirth.

Oxytocin is also refer to as LOVE hormone or CUDDLE hormone and that’s because its increases our level of trust and can make us feel more connected to that other person.

However this doesn’t mean women can’t have casual sex like men do.This hormone will more then likely make you feel something for that other person,but its doesn’t cause you to immediately fall head over heels.

A lot of women will report feeling a connection with someone after sex,even if they don’t quite understand that connection.A lot of women also say that they feel closer to their partners right after having sex.Both of these things are result of while the hormone can make you feel some sort of connection to the person you just slept with,it not some sort of weird,binding love contract.

Basically OXYTOCIN dose make a woman feel attracted to a man after SEX.Oxytocin is something that happen in our body that we have no control over.


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