When a door closes, knock on it a few times. But if it still doesn’t open, let it stay closed. In career, in love, in life.

When you see the period at the end of the sentence, don’t try and turn it into a comma, know when something is over and move on.

Food for thought;

Couples that stay together in a lasting relationship have one thing in common which is ” EMOTIONAL RESPONSIVENESS “

This is a glue that binds people together, it’s build a deep sense of affection, confidence and connection in a relationship leading to a powerful sense of understanding.

Emotional responsiveness has to do with validation, understanding, engagement, responsiveness and accessibility. This movement has the potential to make or break a connection and relationships.

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How you communicate in relationship matters!

How we communicate in a relationship is so important. We gonna be discussing how to talk openly and also be a good listener. Here are five tips to guide us.

Tips for communicating better in a relationship;

Let your questions be open-ended; asking open-ended question allow you to dig deep and get to know this person as well as you can. Using open-ended questions requires a full answer and explanation and also requires a person to pause, think and reflect.

Listen carefully; people often think they’re listening but they are thinking about what they are going to say next when the other person stops talking. Try paying attention to what your partner is saying, don’t interrupt, don’t get defensive, just hear them out and reflect on what they say by doing so you will understand them better and they will be more willing to listen to you.

Trying to see their point of view; we talk a lot about our point of view and getting the other person to see things our way. Try to see the other side and then you can explain yourself .

Don’t try to read minds; Sometimes you can’t tell by just looking at something or what they feeling or going on in their head. let’s face it, as much as we want to be mind readers we aren’t and shouldn’t have to be, if you’re not sure what your partner is feeling ask them, if you’re the one holding things up and expecting your partner to read your mind, take a moment to appreciate the fact that your partner is making an effort by asking you, rather than ignoring or adding to the issue.

Take time out; Sometimes tempers get heated and it’s hardly too difficult to continue with the conversation without it becoming an argument or a fight. If you feel yourself or your partner starting to get too angry to be level-headed, it’s okay to take a break from the conversation until you both cool off.

Communication is a skill, which means there’s always room for improvement. Work together with your partner to figure how you can maintain healthy communication and stay on the same page, be honest, direct, kind, and sympathetic as you can.